What to Do If You Have an Outstanding Warrant

If you have an outstanding warrant in your name you will want to address the issue to avoid further fines or legal consequences. Luckily, you have some options to help you accomplish this. If the warrant in your name is for a minor conviction, you may be able to handle it simply by paying a fine in court. You should call the court house to find out how much you owe the state and ask what needs to be done to resolve the warrant. If you decide to call, don't identify yourself as the person who has the warrant. Inquire whether there is an outstanding warrant for your name giving only necessary information. It's helpful to have your SSI number and case number on hand since this information will be needed to identify the person you're calling about. Most court houses will provide information over the phone since these records are available to the public. The court clerk should be able to assist you or at least point you in the right direction to resolve your warrant.

If you have reason to believe your records will be restricted because of a serious criminal charge or extenuating circumstances it's strongly advised to speak to an attorney first before you call the court house or head there in person. You run the risk of being taken into custody on the spot if you have a warrant for a criminal offense and show up at the court house unexpected and unprepared.

What if I'm not sure if I have an outstanding warrant?
If you're not sure if you have an outstanding warrant or what state the record was issued, you can use AllGovWarrants.com's online search system to run a complete warrant, court record or personal background check for any person in all 50 states. Our search system will yield results instantly. It's the fastest and most convenient way to run reports today and you can do it right from the privacy of your own computer. Our searches are 100% confidential and guaranteed.

Since all warrants are recorded with the court system every law enforcement agency has access to these records. Being pulled over for running a red light can send you to jail if you have a warrant for your arrest. Then you will be in even more trouble with the law. Don't be taken by surprise by being unknowledgeable about what's on your background record.
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